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“WOW – this was amazing! Thank you so much for all of the suggestions for our itinerary. Your tips on places to eat are PRICELESS…as we plan on eating our way through Italy. Thank you so much for pulling our trip together for us. Thanks again….this is all priceless!”


- Katy H

“Trip was well organized. My wife and I really enjoyed all of our daily excursions. Food and wine were incredible. Our hotel villa was topnotch with a great view. Catherine thought of everything and even had activities planned for our boys (ages 6 & 8).”


- David D

“Enjoyable, pre-organized trip with a pleasant, experienced, knowledgable tour guide throughout Italy. Excellent choices of hôtels, restaurants, vine yards, organic farms, and attractions. Best Birthday Ever! Highly recommended if you want a carefree vacation.”


- Elisa Y

“Catherine, I can’t thank you enough for all the information! Great advice and insights! Thank you for all the travel and restaurant info as well. I have a feeling this is going to make the difference between a good stay and a great stay! You’re providing a great service! Thank you so much. So exciting and looking forward to trying your recommendations in Rome!”


- M.H.

“Book your trip NOW!!! I had the most delightful trip. Everything was arranged perfectly. They really listened to what I wanted and didn’t want in my itinerary. We went to places I never would have found on my own. Worth every penny/euro. I have been telling all my friends that want to travel to Italy about Vitalia.”


- Martha F

“Our first trip to Italy and it won’t be our last! We initially had to cancel our trip due to a family emergency but then were able to reschedule it 9 months later. Catherine was very understanding and helped us through everything. What could have been a disaster, turned into the trip of a lifetime. We could not thank her enough for making this trip such a memorable one!”


- J.M.

“Vitalia Tours did a fantastic job of planning and executing our time in Italy. Having a personal tour guide allowed us to see and experience things we never would have without your guidance, experience & knowledge! Your help with planning our trip, our train & air tickets, navigating the car rental, translating for us, and planning each day allowed us a worry free vacation – no figuring out where to eat or what was next, or how to get there! We got to see the countryside from the local perspective, in a way most people do not have a chance to do.”


- J.C.

“Catherine, Thank you for the wonderful attention to every single detail of our family trip to Italy. Traveling with my brother, Mom, and Dad was something we hadn’t done together is many, many years. This trip, planned for my Dad, was made quite special by your expertise, exceptional familiarity with Florence, Venice, and the countryside, and most importantly, your classy style and focus on making everything comfortable, exciting, and fun. I highly encourage everyone to contact you for their trip to Italy; it’ll surely be as special as you made ours. Thank you!”


- Rob B

“Vitalia gave our family of four a chance to experience the Tuscan countryside from the local perspective without any anxiety about getting around or the language barrier. Each day was an adventure filled with unique activities and food with expert insight and personal attention. Catherine was fun, knowledgeable and experienced, and gave us invaluable tips starting with the planning of our hotels and rail/air travel in the other countries we were travelling to as well. I would highly recommend her in every way.”


- Purveen C

“I was a solo female traveler and this was my first ever trip to Europe. Catherine handled everything for me. She put together a complete itinerary fulfilling my wish list and then provided me with detailed instructions of what to expect, local customs, and “Do’s and Don’ts”. I was so worried at first and Catherine heard those concerns and helped set me at ease. After the first day, my worries quickly faded away to sheer bliss. I was in Italy and it was the trip of a lifetime!! I can strongly recommend Vitalia Tours and Catherine’s talented services to anybody going on a solo adventure.”


- Jerri H

“This was my first trip to Southern Italy. Catherine’s expertise and attention to detail, right down to selecting the guides for our private excursions, was outstanding!! The tours she organized were amazing, and she provided casual sightseeing suggestions for downtime. The trip was incredible. I highly recommend Vitalia Tours!”


- Kathryn

“The trip was awesome, fun filled, romantic, picture filled. Culture filled and any other word I can think of to describe our trip!!! Thank you Catherine!”


- Mike M

“Our family planned a trip to Rome last July. Vitalia Tours & Celebrations provided us a very detailed, customized list of hotels, restaurants and activities that were based on our timeframe, budget and interests. They provided so many helpful pieces of advice, making our trip even more memorable. Additionally, Vitalia Tours & Celebrations also provided last minute tips on dealing with the heat that enabled us to be more comfortable during the heatwave there last year. We are hoping for another trip to Italy in the next year and will be using Vitalia Tours & Celebrations for that trip as well.”


- Dawn H

“A friend and i recently completed a tour of Tuscany, Florence and Venice. I felt as if we were not tourists but part of the culture. This was a very big deciding factor for me when planning our tour. Not one worry along the way and i was well informed as to customs and travel prior and during our time in Italy. No “American” faux pas so to speak. Getting the background and the nuances of the area’s and the traditions was such a blessing. These are the things that will not be in any travel book. We had amazing private tours and tastings, it really was a dream come true. I would not hesitate to book again.”


- Adrianne S

“Husband and I just did a tour in 2015 and hit chestnut festival, goat (cheese) farm, olive oil mill tour with lunch, wineries in Chianti, great restaurants, and Venice. Too may great things to list. Vitalia tours and its owner/operator handles everything. We were picked up in Rome and had the greatest trip from start to finish. It helps when the person showing and scheduling all the details, knows and selects the best people/places to visit, also speaks Italian and knows the culture and much of its history. Excellent trip, we showed up and just focused on enjoying it.”


- Sue D

“My husband and I were ecstatic over the success of our trip to Tuscany with Vitalia Tours. Our tour guide, Catherine Bruno, managed every detail to our satisfaction. The pre-trip information was very detailed and included lots of important timelines. Our lodgings were very comfortable and the staff was extremely welcoming. Our driver, Francesco, was very kind, polite and can really carry those heavy bags! Our artisan experiences were very unique and everyone was excited to share their special artistic talent with us. The meals were absolutely delicious and all our hosts went the extra mile if someone had a preference. We enjoyed our tour mates also. We arrived home with great memories and would recommend Vitalia for both group and custom tours to Italy.”


- Eric & Diana D

“If you are thinking about doing a custom tour you will find nobody better than Catherine. From the moment we met our driver Francesco, it was an awesome trip. The locations chosen for our 12 night stay were wonderful. The tours were more than I expected. If you are looking for a true immersion into the culture you will find it with one of Catherine’s tours. Wine tasting, cooking class,history….we had it all and were so pleased words could not describe the value provided. The tour guides: Lise, in Florence, Roberta in Montepulciano and Grazie in Rome were warm, enthusiastic and very people oriented. You could really tell that they really enjoyed their work. Lastly, YOU, Catherine! What a gracious person you are. Your attention to detail and professional suggestions made our vacation the memorable trip it was. Thank you!”


- Maria & Joseph T

“We want to thank Catherine for creating such a unique and wonderful experience in Tuscany for us and our friends. We had such an amazing time and it far exceeded our expectations. We spent a week and a half (9 days total) experiencing the area including Florence, the Chianti region, Siena, San Gimignano, Volterra, Cortona (I HAD to see it! I am a big fan of the movie “Under the Tuscan Sun!) Pienza, and Montepulciano. We enjoyed everything: the architecture, the history, the food, wineries, little trattorias and restaurants, and all the key points of interest. Each day was full of different adventures and surprises. Catherine was extremely knowledgeable about the area and made it fun by allowing us to experience it as a local would. It would have been very difficult to create such a special itinerary on our own. It was our own little “Under the Tuscan Sun” Adventure!”


- Eileen F

“We met Catherine entirely by happenstance while visiting an olive oil farm in Tuscany. A conversation was struck up immediately during the group lunch, and we mentioned our next stop was Venice. Catherine very generously offered for us to join her on a walking / bar tour in Venice which we did some days later. She had 2 clients with her that night, who graciously embraced our presence and offered no objection whatsoever when Catherine again generously invited us to tag along the next day for her tour of Murano and Burano. We were whisked over, the next day by private water taxi with the other couple to Murano where we saw a glass blowing demonstration, incredible exhibits of glassworks followed by a vaporetto ride to Burano where lace making and exhibits were visited. This was followed by an incredible lunch at Trattoria Da Romano. During all of the foregoing including upon just meeting her, Catherine was a fountain of information on all things Italy, from points of interest to practicalities. We enjoyed immensely our time with her, which as stated was unplanned and coincidental. We can only wonder what it would have been like if it was pre-planned!”


- Bruce & Janice B

“What an incredible trip. The BEST. My family had a lot of needs, and Catherine accommodated all of them. She planned everything down to the footstep and we never had to stress about anything. We did anyway, because that’s our nature, but we were always put at ease by Catherine’s calm demeanor. Anytime we encountered something unexpected, she handled it with grace and we were able to focus on what was most important to us, our time with each other. To give a sense of what she can handle, my father doesn’t have use of his legs. And we tackled Florence and Venice. Yes, that’s right, Venice. We didn’t feel like we sacrificed much of anything due to my father’s difficulty getting around. Every hotel was wheelchair accessible or was made so with the use of ramps. We got on and off of the boats in Venice with relative ease. It was amazing. Beyond making this trip possible, Catherine made an incredibly meaningful time for our family possible. Seeing my dad look out onto the valley where the gorgeous city of Florence is tucked was priceless. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!”


- Rolyn B

“Catherine put together an custom package for us and our dear friends which I cannot begin to describe. It was everything we hoped for and more. We always wanted to visit Italy but never expected it to be so perfect. From the private driver to the private tours with individual tour guides for each location so that they were intimately familiar with the locations. We had the inside scoop and were able to see the towns and villages in a way that normal tours would not provide. Each guide was delightful and each day was better and better. Catherine also made suggestions for restaurants in each area we stayed and that was invaluable. We wouldn’t have known where to eat and what to look for without her suggestions. She set us up with a cooking lesson with a genuine Tuscan chef in his home. This was one of the many highlights of our trip. It was unexpected but wonderful. I cannot compliment Catherine and her company enough. We have so many more places to travel but are adding to our bucket list a trip back to Italy some day and will definitely be contacting Vitalia Tours to plan it!”



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